RECODE Online Working Paper Series

The papers appearing in this section have benefited from work that was supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF), in the framework of the Research Networking Programme RECODE.

Working Paper No. 01 (2012)
Languages, Political Cultures and Solidarity in Europe

Jean-Claude Barbier

Working Paper No. 02 (2012)
Language Regimes in Canada and in Quebec: From Competition to Collaboration?

Linda Cardinal

Working Paper No. 03 (2012)
The Languages of the Social Contract

Ayelet Banai

Working Paper No. 04 (2012)
What is the Point? Policies on Immigration and the Language Issue in Denmark

Silvia Adamo

Working Paper No. 05 (2012)
The Finnish Paradox: Language and Politics in Finland

Pasi Saukkonen

Working Paper No. 06 (2012)
Indigeneity and the Politics of Language in Canada

Donna Patrick

Working Paper No. 07 (2012)
Direct Democracy and the Political Integration of Linguistic Minorities in a Multilingual Country

Nenad Stojanovic

Working Paper No. 08 (2012)
Towards a European Index of Multilingual Policies and Practices: Background, Aims and Design

Guus Extra and Kutlay Yağmur

Working Paper No. 09 (2012)
Managing Immigrant Multilingualism in Swedish Compulsory Schools

Tünde Puskás

Working Paper No. 10 (2012)
One Nation, One (Common) Language? Language and Nationalism in 21st Century Catalonia

Albert Branchadell

Working Paper No. 11 (2012)
Islamophobia In Canada? Women’s Rights, Modernity, Secularism
Denise Helly

Working Paper No. 12 (2013)
Secularization and Beyond
Valeriano Esteban Sánchez

Working Paper No. 13 (2013)
Norms, Stories, and Ideologies: What We Talk About When We Talk About Political Secularism
Mathias Thaler

Working Paper No. 14 (2013)
Religious Governance in the Netherlands: Associative Freedoms and Non-discrimination After ‘Pillarization’. The Example of Faith-based Schools
Marcel Maussen

Working Paper No. 15 (2013)
European Principles and Canadian Practices: Developing Secular Contexts for Religious Diversity
Kevin J. Christiano

Working Paper No. 16 (2013)
Political Secularism: A Sketch
Jocelyn Maclure

Working Paper No. 17 (2013)
Protestantism and its Political Implications for State-Building in the British Colonies of North America: From the Mayflower Compact to the Federal Constitution of the United States
Massimo Rubboli

Working Paper No. 18 (2013)
Political Instability and the Persistence of Religion in Greece: The Policy Implications of the Cultural Defence Paradigm
Daphne Halikiopoulou and Sofia Vasilopoulou

Working Paper No. 19 (2013)
From Law to Narratives: Unveiling Contemporary French Secularism
Valérie Amiraux & David Koussens

Working Paper No. 20 (2013)
Political Catholicism and the Secular State: A Spanish Predicament
Francisco Colom González

Working Paper No. 21 (2014)
The Legal Self-regulation of Religious Groups. Tackling the Challenges of Legal Pluralism in Theory and Practice
Francisco Colom González

Working Paper No. 22 (2014)
Windows into the Canadian Approach to Managing Religion: Refugee Policies and the Office of Religious Freedom
Paul Bramadat

Working Paper No. 23 (2014)
Beyond Religion, Science and Secularism: Health Beliefs and Complex Diversity in the North of Ireland
Ronnie Moore

Working Paper No. 24 (2014)
Choice or Identity? Dilemmas of Protecting Religious Freedom in Canada
Avigail Eisenberg

Working Paper No. 25 (2014)
Dilemmas of Institutionalisation and Political Participation of (Organised) Religions in Europe. Associational Governance as a Promising Alternative
Veit Bader

Working Paper No. 26 (2014)
Multi-belief/Multi-faith Spaces: Theoretical Proposals for a Neutral and Operational Design
Francisco Díez de Velasco

Working Paper No. 27 (2014)
Translocal, Faith-based Dispute Management: Moroccan-Canadian Struggles with Normative Plurality
Bertram Turner

Working Paper No. 28 (2014)
The Accommodation of Religious Diversity in Prisons and Hospitals in Spain
Mar Griera and Julia Martínez-Ariño

Working Paper No. 29 (2013)
Recognition, Redistribution and Solidarity: The Case of Multicultural Canada
Yasmeen Abu-Laban

Working Paper No. 30 (2013)
The New Front National: Still a Master Case?
Hans-Georg Betz

Working Paper No. 31 (2013)
Negotiating Equality and Diversity across Europe – Multiculturalism/Migration, Citizenship and Social Justice
Monika Mokre and Birte Siim

Working Paper No. 32 (2013)
“Needed but Undeserving” – Revisiting the Liberal Paradox
Martin Bak Jørgensen and Trine Lund Thomsen